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What's the Timeline?

Many of the questions we are asked relate to timelines and accountability. While timelines vary a little from state to state, every state does have rules and regulations. The school team is obligated to follow these timelines, unless families consent to changes. Some of the most common timelines to know and remember are below (these are current for the state of Illinois):

  • Parent Request for Evaluation - School must respond within 14 school days.

  • Case Study Evaluation - The school team must complete the evaluation process within 60 school days of receiving parental consent.

  • Parent Request for IEP Meeting - The school must respond within 10 calendar days after request is made.

  • Notice of IEP Meeting from School to Parent - The parent must receive notice from the school at least 10 calendar days prior to the meeting.

  • Revocation of Parental Consent: A written notice confirming oral or written consent to revoke must be provided to the parent within 5 calendar days of revocation.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s special education needs, or if there is any way we can help you advocate for your child, please reach out. We are happy to help!

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