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“There is no app to replace your lap!"

Have you seen the quote, “There is no app to replace your lap,” circulating on social media? We have, and while technology will be a large part of our children’s learning experiences, it doesn’t replace quality time with parents engaging in reading and talking about books. A child’s brain development from birth to 5 years old

is astounding. Children learn and absorb information like a sponge. These years are critical for building literacy

that will help them be successful in school and also throughout their lives. Simple and fun activities can promote literacy. Talking to your children (a lot), reading with them, singing and dancing, exploring the outdoors, reciting nursery rhymes, drawing, coloring, and playing games all promote literacy and build vocabulary.

If you notice your child struggling to meet milestones or develop academic readiness skills and are concerned about your child’s development, reach out to Link Advocacy for guidance. We would be happy to help!

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