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Is your Child Struggling?

As a parent, it is challenging to watch our children struggle. A little struggle here and there is typical, but when a child is struggling with everyday tasks at school, it can be indicative of something more significant. It is important to review your child’s work and any correspondence from the teacher, keep track of your student’s performance on assessments and through report cards, and notice any challenges or confusion on homework assignments. If you have questions or concerns, keep an open line of communication with the teacher.

With that said, sometimes a student’s needs are more significant than can be addressed through a general education curriculum. In order to determine if a child is eligible for special education services, a student must be evaluated. An evaluation request may be initiated by the school, but can also be requested by a parent. A written request can be submitted to the school describing your concerns and the impact on school performance. The school will then decide if an evaluation is necessary, or provide a written explanation as to why they refuse the evaluation.

If you have educational concerns regarding your child and we can assist in any way, please reach out. We offer a free consultation and would be happy to help.

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