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How do I get the extra help my child needs?

As a parent, you can request a special education evaluation if you are concerned about your child’s progress. The request should be made, in writing, and sent to the principal. In Illinois, the school has 14 school days to respond to the request. If the school agrees that an evaluation is necessary, the school must convene a meeting, identify necessary assessments, inform parents of those assessments, and provide informed consent in order to conduct assessments.

If the school determines an evaluation is not necessary, the school must provide an explanation of their decision not to evaluate. Response to Intervention is a process used to provide interventions for students who are not performing within the average level of his/her same aged peers. Interventions are provided and monitored, and if adequate progress is not made, the team will often contact parents to suggest moving forward with an evaluation. Interventions are part of the process, but as a parent, if you continue to have concerns regarding your child’s progress, it’s appropriate for you to send a letter requesting an evaluation in order to initiate the process to further support your child. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out. We would be happy to help!

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